CBA Processing Issues

As you may be aware, the CBA experienced a network outage yesterday. This outage resulted in a number of their transactional processing systems going down including Bpay, international transfers and both inward and outward EFT processing. These systems being unavailable means that any Bpay or EFT transfers processed yesterday via ADF Online or batch uploads were held at the CBA and not released to the beneficiaries.

CBA have now advised that the network issue has been rectified and all systems are back on line. Any transactions that were processed yesterday are currently in the process of being released and should be received by the beneficiaries in the next 24 – 48 hours. We have also received all inward transactions that were held over as a result of this outage and credited those to customer accounts this morning.

We would like to apologise for this issue and any inconvenience caused. The ADF is working with our CBA representatives to gain an understanding of what caused the issue and what steps they are taking to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the ADF if you have any questions or issues with payments delays.