ADF Online

ADF Online is an online tool that allows you to access your accounts and perform transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location with internet access.

We have two different ADF Online options available for customers to choose from depending on the functionality required. If you would like to take advantage of either of these options, please contact us to complete the ADF Online Application form.

Basic Online Package

The Basic Online package gives you access via ADF Online to perform the following functions:

  • View current account balances;
  • Transfer funds between ADF accounts;
  • Transfer funds to accounts held at other financial institutions;
  • View, print and download transaction listings;
  • View future Periodic Payments or Direct Debits; and
  • Onsite training can be provided for new users.

The Basic Online package is ideal for customers who have basic needs and low volumes of transactional activity.

Business Online Package

The Business Online package gives you access via ADF Online to perform all of the functions available in the Basic Online package, plus:

  • The ability to upload creditor files for bulk payments;
  • BPAY Payer functionality allowing you to make BPAY payments;[i]
  • Change and delete current Direct Debits;
  • The ability to upload Direct Debit files from school accounting package for self-managed direct debits[ii]; and
  • Onsite training can be provided for new users.

The Business Online package is ideal for those customers who want to have control of their accounts, reconciliations and transactional processing.

[i] BPAY Payer Online Access Agreement required to be completed before functionality is provided

[ii] Agreement to Process Direct Debits required to be completed before functionality is provided

Security Features

We have a number of security features enabled on ADF Online. These include:

  • The ability to have ADF Online users set up with different access levels depending on the activity they are required to perform. Authorised users can be set up as:
    • Enquiry only.
      View accounts and generate transaction listings but not perform any transactions).
    • Data only.
      Upload files, prepare payments, view accounts and generate transaction listings.
    • Fully transactional.
      Authorise transactions and/or files as well as all other actions that the enquiry and data only users can complete.
  • All data and transactional users are set up with their own unique login name and password and may be required to enter their date of birth each time they log in. We strongly recommend that users never record or share their log in details with anyone else, and that they regularly change their ADF Online password.
  • All transactions and batches processed through ADF Online require dual authorisation, meaning that 2 fully transactional users are required to authorise all transactions and batches before they will be processed
  • All accounts have a default external transfer limit (the amount that can be sent to another financial institution) of $0. If you would like to increase this, please complete the ADF External Transfer Limit form.