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Merchant Services

A merchant facility is a way for you to accept card payments directly into your accounts. It works through either an EFTPOS terminal or online payment portal which debits the customer’s card for the total of the transaction. This then settles through to your merchant account with the ADF. Through our relationship with the CBA, we can offer our customers access to both EFTPOS and online payment portal facilities.

If you would like any information regarding any of the merchant facilities below, including their uses, how to arrange a facility or any associated costs, you can enquire here, contact your Relationship Manager or call the ADF on 07 3324 3777.

EFTPOS Terminals

Having an EFTPOS terminal on-site allows you to take card payments from customers for uniforms, school fees, donations and fundraising payments, in person or over the phone. Having an EFTPOS terminal not only reduces the amount of cash you are required to keep on the premises, it also helps you to reconcile your accounts as the payments taken through the EFTPOS terminal are deposited (or ‘settled’) directly to your merchant account with the ADF each day.

In conjunction with the CBA, we are able to offer you a number of different terminals that may meet your needs, the most popular of which is the Albert Pi.


The Albert is the new tablet style terminal that has a number of features that will be of benefit to you:

  • Large 7 inch (18 cm) touch screen display;
  • No need for a dedicated phone line as the Albert terminal connects via wireless 3G networks;
  • As it is completely wireless it is fully portable, allowing you to use it in the office or outside at your next fundraising event;
  • Fast contactless payments with the payWave/PayPass reader
  • Ability to take payments from customers over the phone or by written authority;
  • Ability to view and search previous transactions directly on the device;
  • Automatic overnight settlement to your ADF account;
  • Depending on your need and transactional volume, the Albert Pi terminal also has an integrated option available which can connect directly to your POS system;[i]
  • Discounted pricing for all EFTPOS merchants per transaction and for terminal rental.[ii]


BPOINT is an online payment tool that gives your customers the ability to pay you online, over the phone or via regular recurring payments using their debit or credit card.

You can use the BPOINT portal to process one-off payments, batch payments and refunds, and also schedule recurring payments for your customers so you never have to remember to get their details again.

Through our relationship with the CBA, our customers can apply to be set up as a BPOINT merchant and take advantage of the discounted pricing that is offered to ADF customers.[iii]

There are 3 different BPOINT facilities that you can take advantage of, depending on your needs.

BPOINT Back Office

BPOINT Back Office is the basic BPOINT platform and allows users to:

  • Perform single transactions;
  • Perform multiple transactions from different cards at once;
  • Mobile friendly payment and login pages;
  • Ability to upload batches of payments for processing;
  • Built in reporting and search functionality on transactions, including rejections;
  • Ability to set up payments as once off for a future date;
  • Ability to set up recurring payments.

BPOINT Checkout

BPOINT Checkout is an enhanced version of the basic BPOINT platform allowing users to perform all the functions in the basic platform, plus:

  • Ability to store all card details securely;
  • Ability for your customers to process payments to you via a secure internet page;
  • Software integration capabilities

BPOINT Enterprise

BPOINT Enterprise is the premium BPOINT offering that has all the functionality of BPOINT Checkout with the added features of electronic form capabilities and direct messaging to your customers.

Online Payment Portals

For information on the different online payment portals that we can assist you with, please visit our E-Commerce page.

[i] For information on the integrated option, please call the ADF on 07 3324 3777

[ii] The discounted pricing only applies to merchant facilities that have been set up with CBA under the ADF agreement. Please ensure that you come to the ADF for all merchant applications or enquiries.

[iii] The discounted pricing only applies to BPOINT facilities that have been set up with CBA under the ADF agreement. Please ensure that you come to the ADF for all BPOINT applications or enquiries.