FAQs – General Account Enquiries

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Please have your customer number and account number at hand when you call.

Transactions on accounts

All transactions must be authorised by two signatories (unless otherwise stated). We are not able to process a transaction that is not correctly authorised.

Signatures on cheques

Two signatures are required on all cheques. Any cheques not fully signed will be referred back to you for completion.

Change of signatures on an account

We can delete a signatory from a current Account Authority but if a new person is to be added then a new Account Authority form is required, please contact the ADF to request a new form. The updated form will need to be signed by everyone who is authorised to operate on the account as this supersedes all previous authorities. Original certified copies of the identification are required for any new signatories. Please refer to the ADF for a listing of people approved to certify identification.

Stop cheques

The ADF requires written notification from an authorised signatory to the account to stop a cheque. Please complete the Stop Cheque Form available on our website and email to the ADF for action.

Opening accounts or new customer numbers

To open a new account, please contact your Relationship Manager to discuss your requirements. This allows you to discuss exactly what type of account you require and what features you want on the account. If the signatories for the new account are the same as those for your other accounts you can advise us to include the new account on your Account Authority form. If they are to be different signatories you will need to complete a separate Account Authority form for the new account.

Closing accounts

You can request the closure of an account held with the ADF by providing a signed request In this signed request please advise us of the recipient account details for any remaining balance in the account. If a cheque account is being closed, advise the last cheque number drawn, the last cheque number presented and request we cancel all remaining cheques. The remaining cheques must be destroyed. Periodical Payments should also be reviewed and an advice issued to the ADF to transfer to another account, if applicable. You can provide the closure request and all associated information via email.

Cashing facilities and cashing of cheques over daily limit of $1,000

Please contact us if you would like to set up a cashing facility for one of your cheque accounts. The daily limit is $ 1,000. We will then ensure that the cashing facilities is registered at the Commonwealth Bank branch you intend to use.
If you need to cash a cheque over the normal $1,000 daily limit, you must give us three working days notice, to enable us to facilitate this with the branch. You will need to provide us with a copy of the signed cheque you will be presentinga break-up of the funds required and the approximate time you will be picking up the funds. This information will then be provided to the branch to allow them to fulfil the request on the nominated day.

Cheque book re-orders

Cheque usage and acceptance is continuing to decline as there are other faster payment methods available. Please contact us to discuss ways to move away from your reliance on cheques. If you do require a new cheque book, please contact us to arrange. Please note that cheque book orders are now run monthly. Orders for cheque books must be received before 10 am on the first Monday of the month.

Agent deposit book

Orders for Agent deposit books should be emailed to the ADF when a new book is required. The four digit agent number should be quoted if you have any queries relating to accounts.

Cut-off and Settlement Times

The cut-off time for EFTs sent to the ADF for processing is 2.30pm AEST.
The cut-off for EFTs processed using ADF Online is 3:30pm AEST.
The ADF provides next day settlement (on each business day).