ADF Interest Rate Review

Due to market pressures, the ADF has made the decision to review its interest rate settings.

We regularly review our interest rates to ensure they reflect market conditions whilst maintaining a balance between our customers’ loans and investment requirements. The ADF is very conscious of the impact these changes have on our customers.

The ADF is committed to funding Church mission and maintaining long-term stability, and this ultimately drives every decision we make. The new rates will be applied as follows and effective 1st August 2020:

Standard Variable Loan Rate:-3.85% (currently 4.10%)
Standard Investment Rates:-
Up to $499,9990.25%
$500,000 to $1,999,9990.75%
Over $2,000,0001.25%

If you have any questions on this or on other ADF matters, please do not hesitate to contact your ADF Relationship Manager.

Cheryl CaughleyManager, ADF07 3324 3740
Michael ParerManager, Customer Service07 3324 3781
Liz SherrattRelationship Manager07 3324 3768
Stephany YangRelationship Manager07 3324 3749
David MansulRelationship Manager07 3324 3748