CBA File Processing Errors

Due to an issue with the Commonwealth Bank’s File processing server, the ADF has been unable to process payment files since 30 August 2022 at 9:30am. All transactions made in this time have been recorded and will be released when the server is back up and running. We will provide updates regarding this issue as it progresses.

2022 ADF Annual Report Now Available

The ADF has shown it is uniquely placed to help, particularly in challenging and uncertain times.

Following the easing of restrictions associated with COVID and despite unemployment falling to a historic low of 3.4%, organisations and consumers were disrupted by supply chain issues and inflation peaking at 7.8%. These factors conspired to create a great deal of uncertainty and risk, particularly impacting those in most need: the people the Church serves.

Being of Church, the ADF supports a sustainable, diverse, cohesive and just society in which all can flourish. We understand the significant responsibilities of stewardship; the need to balance margins with mission; adhere to civil and canonical obligations; and be responsive to competitive market forces. In these challenging times, our commitment is to bring mission, margin and management together, in new ways for a market competitive offering.

Our purpose to support your mission and the Catholic community is our key differentiator to the banks. With no shareholders, and existing solely to finance and support the Church, our responses can be tailored to support both customers and mission.

In 2022, the ADF was able to distribute $20m to the Archdiocese to fund numerous pastoral programmes and initiatives. A further $1m was committed to assist the Archdiocese with improving its cyber resiliency.

The Annual Report can be found here

Christmas Business Hours

The ADF will be operating as normal throughout the Christmas and New Year holiday period with the exception of the gazetted public holidays. Any customers pre-loading files or transactions for the holiday period should ensure that they have sufficient funds in their account to cover the total amount of transactions to be processed.

If you require a temporary daily limit increase to allow for your files to be processed, please complete the form found under the Resources & Forms tab and email to

We would like to wish all of our customers a safe and happy Christmas.