System Upgrade – Important ADF Online Changes

The ADF performed an upgrade to our core transaction processing software including ADF Online last Friday, 21st May 2021. Overall, the upgrade has been a success, allowing us to improve our internal platform, remove outdated system modifications as well as introduce stronger security protocols and additional functionality through ADF Online. However, as with any system change of this magnitude, we have encountered some issues which have been forwarded through to our vendors for rectification. We wish to thank all the ADF Online users who made contact with us yesterday to notify us of these issues or changes that they encountered which have been forwarded through to our vendors for rectification and we apologise for any inconvenience these have caused.
Identified Issues
Below is the details on the issues that we have identified since the upgrade.

  • Current Issues
    • Some accounts, in particular loans unable to be viewed by full authorisers. This requires a manual correction which the team are working through, we expect this to be completed by 30th June, however if you require urgent access to your loan accounts, please advise your Relationship Manager.
    • Missing account name details in the Direct Debit Address Book for data users and full signatory. This is currently being investigated by our vendor. This is not impacting the direct debits going out or how they appear in the account when they are processed, simply how they display in the Address Book.
  • Rectified Issues
    • The ADF were unable to set up new signatories and establish their access to accounts. This was rectified Tuesday morning.
    • Some data users were experiencing a ‘system error’ when they were attempting to log in. We put a work around in place while this was being investigated and we received confirmation from our vendor that this issue was rectified late Monday afternoon.

ADF Online Changes

To provide you with a more stable, secure platform and enable the delivery of the additional functionality (now and into future), the following changes have been made to ADF Online.

  • All transactions, whether to external accounts or other accounts held at the ADF now require two signatories to authorise all payments. This is an increased security protocol for transfers to other ADF accounts.
  • Batch payments and single transfers need to have sufficient funds in the account before they will be able to be processed in ADF Online.
  • The account number that is to be used for all electronic deposits made to your accounts is now shown in the Account List which can be found under the Payments tab. It can also be found under the Services tab, BSB and Account Information. Please ensure you are no longer providing the old account numbers and only provide this one from now on.
  • If you are processing payments to the ADF BSB (064-786) either as a single transfer or within an uploaded creditor batch, you must use the electronic account number of that account. ADF Online performs a validation on all transactions using our BSB to ensure the account is valid. It will not accept the old account number format. If you have the old account number format for any entity you are attempting to pay, you will need to contact them and obtain the new electronic account number.
  • Changes to transaction CSV download format with an additional column for the effective date of the transactions.
  • Changes to inward Bpay credit payment narrations with an additional reference field of ‘payment’ now appearing.
  • The ability to upload Bpay payment files. If your accounting system has the capability to generate Bpay creditor payment files, these can now be uploaded and processed through ADF Online the same way you import normal creditor batches.

Security Enhancements

 There are some enhancements we have made to accounts and transaction processing to increase the protection and audit controls on your accounts.

All transactions are now two to authorise, irrespective of where the transfer is being paid to. This is to ensure proper security controls are in place for all transactions as well as provide an additional layer of protection in the event that log in details are compromised.

  • In the coming weeks we will be introducing the ability for you to initiate a password reset from the ADF Online login page if you have forgotten your password. Additional details on this will be provided when this functionality is ready for use.
  • Towards the end of the year we will also be introducing SMS One Time Passwords as a second layer of authentication that is required to initiate transactions through ADF Online. We will provide updates on this functionality as we approve the go live dates (yet to be determined).

The ADF would like to thank all of customers for your support throughout this upgrade process.
Please don’t hesitate to contact the ADF on or 07 3324 3777 if you have any questions in regards to the system upgrade or experience any issues with the new ADF Online link or system.