Corporate Card Fraud Notice

The Commonwealth Bank has advised that their Group Security team has detected fraudulent transactions on a small number of Commonwealth Bank corporate credit cards belonging to ADF customers.

An example fraudulent transaction included the description “ALDO SHOES 514-7472536 DE ##0116”. We understand that fraudulent transactions have been made at a range of online merchants in the United States.

The affected cards have been blocked and new cards are being issued with priority. The ADF is in the process of contacting the affected cardholders. Replacement cards should be received within 5 working days of re-issue. Unfortunately this protective measure will result in transactions being declined on the affected Commonwealth Bank corporate cards to help block suspected fraudulent transactions being processed.

The Commonwealth Bank is working to lodge a dispute on our customers’ behalf for any identified fraudulent transactions that relate to this incident over the next 10-15 business days. Affected cardholders should ensure they receive a refund and that a new card is issued.

Please contact the ADF for assistance if you notice any suspicious activity on your Commonwealth Bank corporate card.