New Look Deposit Book

Last year, the ADF informed users of the APF-style deposit book (for cheque accounts) that this product would be discontinued.

This was due to issues with new technology implemented by the Commonwealth Bank. Its “express” branches now only accept the current Agent deposit book product. We have been issuing the new style deposit book when APF re-order requests are received and urging customers to order replacement Agent deposit books when replacement stock is needed for their cheque account.

The ADF is aiming to finalise this transition by June 2016.

If you require a replacement book or have queries regarding the new style of deposit books please do not hesitate to contact either Tara Neilson (07 3324 3766 direct), Mike Nuttall (07 3324 3763 direct) or email

To transition to the new style, please email us at with details of each account for which you require the deposit book and the quantity required. We will forward these to you as soon as possible. There is no cost for this transition.

Agent deposit book style to be used moving forward:

Agent Book Cover

Agent Book Inside

Old APF-style deposit book being discontinued:

APF Cover

APF Inside